Roland Levy



Hi, my name is Roland. I am looking for a role as a Software Developer and have experience in JavaScript, React, Node and other modern technologies.

After 12 years of managing events and digital & print design campaigns I found myself increasingly drawn to Software Development so I studied on an intensive Full Stack bootcamp. In a short space of time I learnt and demonstrated sophisticated concepts starting with the fundamentals of JavaScript, responsive web design and moving onto more complex technologies including React, Redux, Express and PostgreSQL.

I now want to put this into practice, deepen my experience of software development and help my employer achieve their aims.


  • Better Change

    An eight-day group project practicing agile methodologies. A web app that enables charity fundraisers to receive cashless and cardless donations.
  • Features: generating QR codes, sign-up and log-in with passport and stored in SQL database, payments with Stripe, navigation with React Router, AWS S3 storage, interactive data visualisation. I created the functionality for the S3 storage, QR Code, form validation and I designed the UI.
  • Technologies: React, React Router, Redux, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, SCSS, Git.
  • OurBnB

    A four-day group project practicing agile methodologies. A web app that enables people to find and book accommodation at various locations.
  • Features: dates-picker npm, search results fetched from SQL database and displayed as property details, Google map, image carousel npm, booking form, sign-up and log-in screens. I set up the React architecture, search functionality, date-picker, SCSS and I designed the UI
  • Technologies: React, Node, Express, Handlebars, PostgreSQL, Grid, Flexbox, Git
  • Lovely Grubbly

    A two-day solo project. A web app for ordering takeaway food for deliveries.
  • Features: filtering different courses, adding / removing orders from basket, viewing basket with costs, tooltip preview of items, make booking with name and number, confirmation follows by text using Twilio. I created the React architecture, created SQL tables, used SCSS and Flexbox to style the UI
  • Technologies: React, Node, Handlebars, Express, PostgreSQL, SCSS, Flexbox, Git
  • Which City

    A two-day solo project. To play the Which City? quiz game simply choose a country, browse the photos and try to guess which city it is.
  • Features: upon selecting a country, 10 relevant photos are fetched from the Unsplash photos API, relevance is determined by search term filtering in React, as photos are viewed lives are deducted, scoring is based on remaining lives x 10 and is displayed in the top scores table using localStorage
  • Technologies: React, Node, Unsplash API, Classnames, BEM, Flexbox, Git
  • Moviewer

    A two-day solo project. Moviewer is a movie search engine app which uses the Open Movie Database API
  • Features: The app captures the search input, fetches relevant data the Open Movie Database API and displays the data as pages of 10 links per page. Each link loads the movie's full details from the API.
  • Technologies: Open Movie Database API, React, Node, Webpack, CSS, Classnames, Flexbox, Git


  • Coding: Javascript, React, Redux, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Postman, RESTful APIs, SASS, BEM, Flexbox, Grid, Webpack, Jest / Enzyme, Git
  • Production: Responsive Web Design, Figma, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator
  • Other skills: Management, meditation and mindfulness